MFL Alive Seminar 2015

German Target Language Session


MFL Alive 2015 is delighted to provide the opportunity for target language teachers to come together to share practice relevant to their particular subject area(s). 


Effective Literacy Strategies for Improving Listening Comprehension


This workshop considers practical literacy strategies to scaffold learners in developing their listening skills.


Presenter Biography


Trisha Mc Neill is a post-primary teacher of German, History & LCVP in Killina Presentation Secondary School, Co. Offaly since 2001. Trisha is working with the PDST since 2012 and is also a facilitator with the National Induction Programme for Teachers since 2014.





Draft German Scheme 1st Year 


Planning for the Integration of Literacy, Numeracy & AfL


This workshop, facilitated by Trisha and Aoife, considers the effective integration of literacy, numeracy and AfL in planning for effective practice in teaching and learning in MFL.


Presenter Biography


Aoife Healion is a post -primary teacher of German, Business and Maths in the Sacred Heart School in Tullamore since 2005. She is a facilitator with the PDST and also with the National Induction Programme for Teachers.