MFL Alive Seminar 2015

 Embassies & Léargas


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PDST is delighted to open the seminar with a forum discussion with Nathalie-Zoé Fabert (French Embassy), Nellie Tattersall (Léargas) and Adolfo Carbón (Spanish Embassy) exploring the importance of Modern Foreign Languages in Ireland today, and how the embassies and Léargas are supporting language teachers. 




Nathalie-Zoé Fabert is a Graduate in German, Linguistic and Didactic of Foreign Languages from Toulouse and Montpellier Universities. Natalie-Zoé has been teaching French and German from primary school to University level in several countries. She is working in the field of cultural cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008, and is Cooperation Attaché for French Language at the Embassy of France in Dublin since September 2015.




Nellie Tattersall has a degree in German and Czech. She trained and worked as a German teacher, and then worked at the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Dublin. She has been working on the language programmes in Léargas since 2008. She is the contact person for the European Day of Languages, the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Language Label.





Adolfo Carbón has a degree in English. He has taught at the primary, secondary and university levels in Spain and in the United States. He has experience teaching face-to-face and also in virtual environments. He has been a teacher trainer and has also collaborated in the creation of online learning materials for English language learning. His interests include language teaching methodology, the use of technology in education and the promotion of international programmes to foster the mobility of educators and students.  From 2005 to 2010 he worked for the Office of Education of Spain in the United States. Since September 2014, he has been the Education Advisor at the Office of Education of the Embassy of Spain in Ireland. 


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It was wonderful to hear how the French and Spanish Embassies, and Léargas are supporting teachers of Modern Foreign Languages in Ireland. 


Summary of support being offered by the French Embassy.


Summary of support being offered by the Spanish Embassy.


Take a look at for more information on support being offered by Léargas.