One Day Seminar



The One Day Seminars are offered to school leaders. The purpose of the ‘One Day Seminars’ is to address current areas of concern as raised by school leaders in the feedback evaluations from our core leadership programmes. The outline below serves as an insight into the various topics addressed at these seminars over the past two academic years. Substitute cover was provided by the DES for our most recent series of seminars and it is anticipated that this will continue for future seminars of this nature to ensure maximum access for school Principals. Our 2016/2017 seminars were also offered through the medium of the Irish language in Gaeltacht areas.






Comments from 2017


"Great opportunity to learn best practice away from the school environment. Lovely to meet up with teaching principals and learn from their experience as sub cover was provided for them. Appreciated the valuable input made by teaching principals.Beneficial time to reflect on own practice and to connect with the leadership of learning part of principal's role."


"Every principal should attend this course. It was so practical and informative."


"Excellent seminar. Very informative with practical advice and valuable information given, all queries were answered and facilitators were available afterwards to answer any queries."