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Information and resources for the New Junior Cycle English can be found on:

The NCCA website

 The Curriculumonline.ie webiste

The Junior Cycle.ie webiste


In 2008, the English Support Service hosted a colloquium on Junior Certificate English and has published edited extracts from the proceedings.The intention was to promote discussion and professional conversation among teachers of English on the nature of the subject and the nature of good learning and teaching within the English classroom.

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Click here to download our Spring Edition of Teaching English Magazine which includes:


  • The Poetry Winners 2012
  • Creating a Bridge Between Primary and Post Primary
  • Writing Glance Cards
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Recommended Fiction for 1st and 2nd Years
  • Brief Guides to Leaving Cert Texts 2015






Special Anniversary Edition


A special anniversary edition of our magazine to  mark ten years of Ireland's leading competition for young writers.  The collected winning entries from the last ten years of the competition can be downloaded below.  This edition of the magazine celebrates the creativity of our young writers, and the extraordinary work of teachers of English in nurturing the talent of a new generation of writers.


Winners, Highly Commended and Commended for the Write a Poem Competition 2012

Junior Cycle Winners - Click here