Post Primary Misneach



What is the Misneach Programme?



Misneach offers participants support in the key professional areas of school leadership including - Leading Learning, Leading People, Leading the Organisation and Managing Self. The programme assists principals in “walking the tightrope” of the induction to principalship and affords them the opportunity to develop as a school leader in their own school.

The Programme is offered via a blend of residential modules, local support settings, mentoring and online support. It is funded by the Department of Education and Skills.  Misneach is designed and delivered by a team of experienced school leaders



Who is the Misneach Programme for?



The Misneach Programme of Induction is for newly appointed principal teachers and has provided professional development and support to the vast majority of principals appointed in the past 15 years. 




Why should I participate in Misneach?



What the class of 2014-16 had to say.....

"Excellent management training for newly appointed principals. The content and learning experiences are very well thought through and delivered are the right time. It gives headspace away from the school so you can reflect and plan. The legacy of this training is the professional network developed with colleagues around the country who you can share common issues and advice"



"Misneach is an excellent programme which I found invaluable as a new Principal. The quality of presentations, practical advice and professional conversations was excellent. The most invaluable aspect for me was the chance to meet fellow new appointments to leadership and to share experiences of our first 18 months in the job"

"Absolutely excellent programme. I would highly recommend it to all new principals. The course provided for excellent discussions about the role of the principal and the opportunity to create a network of colleagues to call upon after leaving misneach. I really enjoyed the course and would welcome the opportunity of misneach becoming something that would run twice yearly for each cohort"



"I thoroughly enjoyed the programme throughout and gained a lot from it. I always came away feeling a little more confident and most certainly reassured. As well as picking up some innovative ideas on things like vision, school culture and CPD I became aware of many practical ideas that although small in themselves can make an enormous difference to staff and students and the daily running of an effective school"