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The Creative Use of Composition in the Classroom

The resouces contained on this page accompanied the series of music workshops entitled The Creative Use of Composition in the Classroom, organised by the PDST.  


The resources are organised into three folders, below:

1. Musical learning through composing

Contains a PowerPoint presentation including video and audio clips, conventional and graphic scores and points concerning musical learning through composing


2. Warm ups

These support composing in the classroom


3. Additional resources

Extra resources for classroom composing, including graphic scores, images and composing ideas


1. Musical learning through composition


Title View Download
Being creative with classroom composing Click here to download


Videos used within the PowerPoint


2. Warm ups
Title View Download
Warm ups for young singers  



3. Additional resources



Graphic Scores
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Chinese train journey score  
Blank grid graphic score  


Images for graphic scores
Arrow arrow Arrow down arrowdown
Arrow up arrowup Bulb bulb
Crescendo cresc Dim dim
Forte forte Fortissimo forti
Mezzoforte mezzof Mezzopiano mezzop
Random random Speech speech
Stop stp[ Zigzag zigzag


Stimuli for composing
Title View Download
Composing ideas  
Cornelius Cardew "Treatise"  
Pictures at an Exhibition images  
Terry Riley  



Images of instruments
Agogo bell agogo Bodhran bodhran Bongos bongos
Boomwhackers boom Cabasa cabasa Chain chain
Chimes chimes Conga conga Cowbell cowbell
Egg shakers egg Finger cymbals finger Glock in case glocl
Guiro guiro Handbell handbell Maracas maracas
Milk carton milk Plastic saxophone sax Rainstick rainstick
Recorders recorders Slide whistle whistle Tambourine tam
Tone block toneblock Triangle tri Tulip block tulip
Two tone block twotonebloack Vibraslap vibraslap Vibratone vibratone
Vuvuzela vuvu Wooden agogo woodenagogo Wrist bells wristbells