Music & ICT

The aim of this document is to highlight the learning that can occur when ICT is constructively used to support learning objectives in the Primary School Curriculum (1999).


Music: Strand, Strand Unit & ICT Link

Descriptor of Resource

Listening & Responding


Exploring Sounds


Listening & Responding to Music


  • Listen to sounds in the environment with an increased understanding of how sounds are produced and organised
  • Listen to and describe a broad range of musical styles and traditions, including familiar excerpts, recognising where appropriate its function and historical context



Song Singing




Playing Instruments


  • Recognise and sing from memory a more demanding repertoire of songs with an awareness of the music's social, historical and cultural contexts
  • Recognise longer and more complex rhythm patterns of familiar songs and chants
  • Use standard symbols with increasing fluency and accuracy to notate simple rhythm and pitch
  • Perform a range of playing techniques on a wide selection of percussion and melodic instruments



Improvising & Creating


Talk About / Recording Compositions


  • Select from a wide variety of sound sources (voice, body percussion, tuned percussion, melodic instruments and technology) for a range of musical purposes
  • Reflect upon and evaluate his/her work and the work of other children

Musical Dictionary

  • Describe a broad range of musical terminology